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Packaging a Visual Punch at Club Stores / September 15, 2010

Location.  Location.  Location.  That familiar real estate mantra might just as easily apply to designing impactful packaging for club stores. “They are a very different kind of retail location,” points out Steve Sokol, president of Sokol Packaging. The company is known for its expertise in developing club store packaging. “At a club store location, you have to take into account that everything is in a tray – not on shelves.” Steve points out.  “Designs must accommodate that fact, while providing an impactful product display and space for billboarding.”

In addition, the way product is shipped and stocked affects structural requirements. According to Steve, effective club store packaging requires both design and structural expertise.  “We’ve become specialists in designing for this very specific type of location,” Steve says.  “We understand that club store packaging requires a completely different mind set. The usual rules simply don’t apply.”