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Thinking Green Out of the Box / September 5, 2010

When it comes to environmentally conscious printing and packaging, Sokol Packaging thinks outside the box.  “It’s in our DNA to be as green as possible,” says Steve Sokol, president.

“Basically, we’re doing all the things that a first-class manufacturer should be doing” he adds. “We use recycled paper and recycle the water used in the printing processes. We use soluble, water-based soluble inks and aqueous coatings. We also have the capacity to use vegetable or soy-based inks if a client prefers.” 

In addition, Sokol Packaging prints only on PET, known to be an environmentally friendly plastic, and recently introduced a hybrid of PET and recycled paper for Nicole Miller products.

“One of the most important things we do is to inform clients about their choices for sustainable packaging options,” Steve says.  One of those sources is where you can also find in-depth information about sustainable packaging options available to your company.

“Business is about making a profit,” Steve says.  “We know that. But we also know that whatever we do has long term effects on the environment.  Whether in the United States or in the countries where we do business, our core philosophy is pretty simple:  “Keep your spot clean.”