China Printing Facilities

Located in Huizhou, only 50 miles from Shenzhen, the second busiest port in China after Shanghai, Sokol Packaging Group’s state-of-the-art facility has been designed and built for one purpose only: Creating excellent packaging in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

The 100,000 square foot plant features on-site housing, dining and recreation facilities for over 300 employees, management, senior staff and visitor.
Highlights from the state-of-the art equipment include:

• 5-color Heidelberg with aqueous coater
• 6-color Heidelberg with UV capabilities for paper and other substrates
• Heidelberg Computer-To-Plate capabilities
• GMG Color Management system for press and remote color proofing
• Automatic silk screen and UV varnishing presses
• Bobst high-speed universal folder-gluer
• Bobst automatic die-cutter
• High-speed film and corrugate laminators
• Kongsbert CAD table for preliminary structure sampling

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Worldwide Printing Facilities

No matter where you manufacture your product, Sokol Packaging Group has a partner facility to service your needs, offering you the economies of time and convenience as well as our expertise.

Locations: India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Middle East, Central America